Security Architecture

Securing your business environment to keep your data protected

Securing your business environment and networks is a critical component of a strong data protection and privacy program. RSM’s security architecture services provide practical solutions to ensure your organization incorporates secure enterprise architecture principles into your information technology and security programs.


Even the best security program can quickly become irrelevant as new exploits are released and new attack techniques are developed. RSM’s security architecture services help you design and secure a network that will protect your most vulnerable assets and data. Whether you need your network architecture reviewed for gaps, your firewall assessed to protect from potential attacks, or the confidence that your network is properly segmented, RSM staff will be able to assist you. In addition, many organizations may be seeking compliance for a variety of different privacy regulations (e.g., HIPPA, PCI, GDPR). These services will better help you in assuring that your sensitive data is stored and transmitted securely to better meet those objectives and requirements.

Who needs this

Rapidly evolving technology and increased interconnectivity introduces new cyberrisks into an organization. Any company using technical devices needs to regularly examine the configuration of those devices to identify and fix any potential security flaws or vulnerabilities, particularly when it comes to an organization’s most valuable data and assets.

Overview of services

With a variety of different services available to you, RSM will work with you to determine which services best suit your security architecture needs. RSM offers the following services:

  • Firewall assessment: Analyzes your firewall’s configuration line by line to ensure it meets best practices and hardening techniques
  • Network architecture review: Assesses an organization’s overall network design from a security perspective, including DMZ placement, network segmentation, external presence and hardening techniques
  • Network segmentation review: Reviews and classifies the data your company is using and designs your network to properly segment and protect that data
  • System hardening and configuration review: Reviews the configuration settings on your systems and hardens them using industry best practices to reduce the potential attack surface
  • Minimum security baselines: Helps you develop minimum security baselines (MSBs) to better establish a first line of defense against potential attackers

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