Mergers and acquisitions

Merger and acquisition (M&A) consulting plus end-to-end guidance from RSM support this popular strategy for growing your business. We serve both private equity firms and corporations, public and private.

Strategize for success, value and growth

Buy. Sell. Integrate. Optimize. Four straightforward steps with thousands of variations in the merger and acquisition (M&A) life cycle. The devil, as they say, is in the details.

That’s why M&A professionals—on both the buy and sell sides—appreciate the services we offer in this space. Our business consulting delivers operational change, meaningful process improvement and aim to increase transactional value. We offer financial advisory that goes beyond the balance sheet to improve performance indicators. And our technology services open data stores to reveal insights, accelerate organizational digital transformations and enhance integration between disparate systems or disparate entities.

Your engagement with us is accomplished with three straightforward, experienced and battle-tested elements: people, processes and tools. As with your M&A project itself, our three parts encompass thousands of variations to build the bespoke solution you expect and demand. With all due speed and then some.

The “secret sauce” to all of this? It’s more like a bedrock foundation: We listen and inquire until you are certain that you’re being understood. And when we understand you, your organization, your investment thesis and your objectives, everything else flows toward success. Let’s talk. We’ll be listening.

End-to-end M&A consulting and professional services:

Seasoned M&A professionals are ready to advise you at every stage of your next transaction: Acquiring, divesting, merger or carveout.

You’ll appreciate our thoughtful guidance on aligning risk appetite and investment thesis, optimizing value, controlling risk and boosting transaction speed.

Current thought and new considerations in M&A: Insights from our top practitioners.

Get observations, tips and ideas that you can put to work from RSM.

Professional M&A services that focus on value creation regardless of transaction type

Review these details about solutions of all types, all relating to M&A activities. We’ve implemented them for others. Might we do the same for you? Let’s talk.
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