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Digital audit and assurance: Insights that instill confidence and earn trust

Pairing deep industry knowledge with innovative technology to deliver high-quality audit and assurance services

Your business faces challenges from evolving market dynamics, rapid industry shifts and complex regulatory requirements. That inherent unpredictability tests how you earn and maintain confidence from your stakeholders, including investors, regulatory bodies, lenders and employees.

To strengthen that confidence as a cornerstone of your success, RSM’s technology-enabled audit and assurance services can help you align with stakeholder expectations and uphold the integrity essential in capital markets.

Our approach centers on high-quality digital audits powered by RSM Luca, our global digital audit ecosystem. We are committed to delivering insights that enable you to make confident business decisions in an increasingly complex world.

An audit experience enhanced by technology, uniquely tailored to your business

Client service and audit delivery: We keep critical thinking, personal interaction and your experience front and center. Our engagement teams’ transparency and communication with you help us meet your deadlines and minimize disruption and surprises.

Industry and technical knowledge: Through our auditors' command of industry-specific business dynamics and accounting practices, and our thorough knowledge of regulatory requirements and accounting standards, you receive high-quality assurance that’s essential to building investor and stakeholder confidence.

Resources for your needs: As your needs evolve, we can grow with you. Through the knowledge and resources of the RSM International network, which spans 120 countries, we have the global capabilities to tackle any complexity resulting from your operating environment, geographic footprint, business processes and regulatory requirements.

RSM Luca, our digital audit ecosystem: RSM Luca integrates sophisticated technologies and efficient processes with robust industry and market data to deepen our understanding of your business. You benefit through efficient document sharing, clear visibility into the audit process and mitigated risk of human data management.

Actionable business insights: While digital tools are tremendous for managing and applying data, the human element—professionals who are informed, independent, probative and analytical—brings perspectives technology alone can’t produce. You'll receive technology-powered insights that support confident decision-making amid challenges and unpredictability.


RSM Luca: Human insights powered by technology

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Audit and assurance services

Our employee benefit plan audit services cover single and multiple employer plans, ESOPs, 401(k) and 403(b) plans, and health, welfare, and church plans.

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