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Organizational risk can compromise profitability and productivity. We specialize in holistic solutions including governance, compliance, transformation, cybersecurity, and fraud and litigation services.

Consulting services to help you manage risk across your organization, enable your business strategy and create long-term value

The need for organizations to elevate their risk management efforts is more critical than ever. Company leaders must address potential operational vulnerabilities as a result of increasingly sophisticated cyberattacks, new risks related to internal digital transformation efforts, and ever-evolving regulatory requirements. Leaders must also anticipate increased scrutiny and pressure from their board of directors or other governing bodies if there isn’t transparency and clarity around how the organization is effectively managing its level of risk.

RSM understands the critical challenges you face. We have in-depth experience developing and customizing our risk, fraud and cybersecurity solutions with your company, culture, processes and priorities in mind. Our specialists have global and industry-specific knowledge to proactively address a wide range of risk issues and provide solutions that generate opportunity, add long-term value and empower your organization to move forward with confidence. We’ll work with you to identify and prioritize risks you face now and anticipate ones that may occur in the future. We’ll establish a holistic, strategic approach to risk monitoring, evaluation and reporting to help you make more informed business decisions. We’ll also advise you on implementing the latest risk management tools and technologies to protect your assets and optimize your operations.

Our business, security and technology risk experience:

With today’s complex business landscape and data breaches making headlines, CISOs need to deliver solutions that reduce risk and add value to the organization. We offer strategies to reduce your risk by incorporating security solutions into your business processes.

Our fraud investigation and dispute services:

You need to know what happened—now. Our experienced forensic professionals, armed with state-of-the art technology and backed by the power of a global consulting firm, help you prepare for and respond to allegations quickly and confidently.

When your organization is faced with an event that may trigger insurance coverage, you need professionals who understand your situation, your market and your industry to guide you toward a resolution confidently and quickly.

Disputes happen. Move forward confidently and quickly, knowing you have the advisory support of RSM’s professionals with in-depth financial experience, industry insight and state-of-the-art technology.

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