Identity and access solutions

Organizations are increasingly vulnerable to unauthorized network access. We offer best-in-class solutions for managing secure access across your systems, devices and teams.

Consulting services that help manage your digital identities, like users and devices, to provide real-time, secure, conditional access to critical organizational resources—without restricting your ability to conduct business.

With traditional network boundaries becoming obscured by the growth of cloud, mobile and digital technologies, identity and access have become the new perimeter and an increasingly critical security capability for organizations. However, many have not first adequately managed their traditional network access, putting the organization in a vulnerable position. As well, many organizations now operate complex businesses powered by distributed hybrid technology architectures. An organization’s security leaders must also address the pressing issue of malicious actors and cybercriminals constantly evolving their methods, making effective cyber defense increasingly challenging. These scenarios necessitate implementation of robust, effective identity and access strategies to prevent unwanted or unauthorized access to critical information and assets. An organization is best served working with a partner that ensures their security solutions are adaptive, helps them meet the evolving cyberthreats of today’s environment and prepares them for tomorrow’s challenges.

RSM understands the complex security issues you face. Our digital identity specialists will advise you on your identity and access needs, implement the right program for your organization, then manage program operations while continuously optimizing your processes. We combine subject matter expertise with industry-leading vendor technology solutions to help you implement effective, proactive cybersecurity solutions that mitigate business risk. Our in-depth knowledge of identity and access solutions is backed by our deep experience across multiple industry verticals and program implementation for businesses ranging in size from small to large cap.

Organizations benefit from our specialized experience in:

Centre to an organization’s security is the concept of an identity. This identifier is unique to every individual, system, process and device that interacts within an organization’s technology environment. Attributes specific to a given identity in aggregate begin to shape the digital identity that establishes a unique entity. These digital identities are the cornerstone of how we manage access to critical systems and data. The desired state is an environment where every identity is known yet exists untrusted. It requires time as well as a level of maturity within the organization.

RSM’s digital identity team specializes in helping clients manage the universe of identities—from employees to third parties and connected devices to processes. Our team will work with you to understand your relevant universe and develop the right strategy to securely manage those identities. We’ll work with you on:

  • Developing your digital identity strategy and governance model
  • Identifying and mapping specific attributes and behavioural characteristics to your identities
  • Consolidating identity repositories or providers for efficient management and governance
  • Understanding and implementing biometric identifiers
  • Deploying identity proofing approaches and technologies
  • Managing the delivery of enterprise-wide identity and access implementation
  • Understanding and building identity management strategies leveraging decentralized identifiers through blockchain
  • Synthesizing and conducting identity and attribute clean-up activities
  • Providing a fully managed identity solution covering your employees, third parties and devices, or co-managing your existing identity platform

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