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Defense contractors and the entire government contracting supply chain are facing more sophisticated cybersecurity challenges, made increasingly more complicated with the continued threat of third-party breaches of controlled unclassified information (CUI). In response to the increased need for security measures, the Department of Defense (DOD) released the Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC) to enhance and enforce the information security expectations that its prime contractors and subcontractors in the defense industrial base (DIB) are contractually required to maintain in order to protect CUI.

In an attempt to improve the effectiveness of the supply chain's cybersecurity posture, as well as enforce standard cybersecurity hygiene principles and practices throughout the DIB, the DOD released CMMC 2.0 framework on Nov. 4, 2021. The framework defines a tiered approach of certifying the cybersecurity posture of all organizations that provide goods and services to the DOD, regardless of the amount of confidential data (e.g., CUI) they handle. Approximately 350,000 contractors and subcontractors within the DIB will be required to demonstrate compliance with the CMMC framework to continue working on or seeking out new DOD contracts.

Developing your CMMC compliance plan

RSM’s risk consulting team has decades of experience working with government contractors. We routinely work with organizations like yours, helping navigate difficult business decisions and balance potential revenue loss from lost contracts with the cost of compliance. Our experienced team provides the key insights and advice that you need to implement a comprehensive and effective CMMC compliance program.

We know that achieving and maintaining compliance with the CMMC requirements can be a challenge for some organizations. Our CMMC advisory services can help you build a repeatable, efficient process for achieving and sustaining compliance, minimizing scope and right-sizing your cybersecurity program. Some of the related services that RSM offers include:

  • Assessing your readiness for the new CMMC requirements, including identifying gaps and developing action plans to close them
  • Helping to implement or streamline your CMMC compliance program by:
    • Identifying business processes related to storage, transmission and processing of DOD-related information
    • Minimizing the scope of systems that must be certified based on how DOD information flows through your environment
    • Improving the design and implementation of security practices and controls to reduce ongoing efforts to maintain compliance
  • Developing and implementing policies, processes and technologies required to close any compliance gaps that you’ve identified

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