Cybersecurity risk and compliance

Your security program overlaps with enterprise risk management and compliance obligations. We can help you develop and implement effective risk management strategies and meet compliance objectives.

Consulting services to successfully align your security program with your enterprise risk management and compliance obligations

In today’s rapidly evolving business landscape, organizations are facing more complex regulations and standards. Balancing business risk with business needs becomes challenging as a result. CISOs and security leaders must now manage risk across a variety of distributed technologies such as cloud, IoT and traditional architecture. While a strong risk and compliance approach is essential for any successful security program, many security teams struggle to design and execute a security strategy that is built to effectively manage risk across the enterprise while also considering both current and future regulatory/standards compliance needs.

Security leaders can no longer be reactive when it comes to risk assessments. Instead, the role of cybersecurity needs to be elevated within the organization so security teams can make recommendations that proactively address regulatory, contractual and legal requirements that align with the overall business strategy. When seeking an external provider to help with cybersecurity risk and compliance, risk leaders need a partner who understands their business needs and challenges and can simplify risk and compliance to reduce cost and complexity.

RSM’s security and privacy professionals are more than technology specialists—we’re also experienced business analysts. We have in-depth knowledge of current security and privacy issues and trends as well as insight into your specific industry and business processes. Our professionals will take the time to understand your business and create strategies to ease the burden of compliance while engaging the business to identify and manage risk. This will help move your security program to the next level, enabling effective identification and strategic decision-making for cybersecurity risk, alignment with enterprise risk efforts, efficient management of controls for risk reduction and proactive management of regulatory, contractual, and legal requirements as part of day-to-day business.

Whether you’re trying to enhance or build your risk and compliance program, facing pressure from clients about security practices or reacting to a new compliance requirement, we’ll help meet your security and privacy needs through a cost-effective approach and standardized processes.

Organizations benefit from our specialized experience in:

To satisfy regulatory and contractual requirements, organizations need to prove their compliance against various cybersecurity frameworks. Organizations need to have a full understanding of these requirements through partnerships with the business, legal/compliance and procurement and align their programs to account for these needs.

Whether it’s pre-certification preparation or the actual attestation, our team is equipped to help provide support in this process. Our certifications include:

  • Qualified Security Assessor (QSA) for PCI DSS
  • Authorized HITRUST External Assessor
  • Third Party Assessor Organization (3PAO) for FEDRAMP and CMMC
  • Registered Provider Organization (RPO) for CMMC
  • Certified Lead Auditor for ISO 27001

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