Managed application services

Successful managed application services that optimize your business applications

Our managed application services provide a platform for continuous improvement and optimization to take your challenges and turn them into insights.

RSM aims to be a first-choice advisor to our clients by delivering vision, enterprise support, and platform optimization services. These services, when packaged through our Managed Application Services (MAS) platform, give our clients the comfort to focus on realizing and achieving their business vision. Whether you are just starting or want a partner who helps you achieve your next milestone, our advisors are ready to journey with you.

With MAS, our clients get to work with people they know and trust. We create and foster long-term relationships, not short-term solutions. We get to know you, your team, your business, and what makes you special in your industry. With a strong focus on the digital needs of middle market businesses and nonprofits, we understand the unique growth opportunities and resource constraints that these organizations face.

Our clients use our MAS agreements to leverage expertise on demand at a predictable price. Providing you with a partnership that feels just like having an experienced in-house team.

Our core pillars of service include:

  • Advisory workshops – We deliver hands-on, advisor-led workshops and customized learning paths.
  • Business operations support – We provide dedicated resources to help problem solve and support your business application technical operations.
  • Technology management – Using people, process, and management capabilities around Microsoft and Oracle technologies, we take a holistic service-based approach to your technology services.
  • Business optimization services – Using prescriptive “side-by-side workshops,” our advisors work directly with your staff to address problematic implementation and skills gaps.
  • Strategic assessments – Our “fact-finding” assessments can help you target areas for improvement and growth.

Our advisors look for opportunities to further improve upon your present platform, assessing features and platform improvements as they are released.

But we don’t stop there. RSM consultants help you go beyond the platform and uncover other possible opportunities. We assist in filling any holes your platform doesn’t address that your business needs. Our eyes are always open for opportunities to transform your technology and your organization for the better.

We believe the best approach to ensuring a long-lasting and successful relationship is to work in partnership with you

Microsoft Dynamics 365 with RSM offers numerous benefits for your business, including a devoted success team with a technical advisor, functional advisor, and industry leader.

VGM Group partners with RSM and Microsoft to enable growth

RSM has always delivered on what we needed them to deliver.
Barb Anderson, controller, VGM Group

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