Data engineering services

Preparing your data to transform your business

If your middle market business is grappling with disconnected applications causing data silos, you’ll struggle to leverage data to drive and support business outcomes. RSM's data engineering services has a solution.

Our data engineers begin each digital transformation by extracting and consolidating your data into a unified repository, enhancing operational efficiency with standardized, cleansed and transformed information. By eliminating the complexities of multiple systems, we help your data become centralized, accessible and reliable. Whether it's a one-time migration, migrating your applications to the cloud or archiving historical data in a cost-effective data warehouse, we tailor a solution for your specific data management needs.

In turn, this process unlocks opportunities for impactful data and analytics initiatives. By refining raw data into controlled, high-quality information, we empower initiatives in master data management, governance, quality assurance, integration and reporting, all of which enable meaningful insights for meeting your business objectives.

A holistic approach to data engineering

Our unique blend of industry insight, holistic solutions and accelerators truly sets us apart in the data engineering landscape, offering clients a distinct edge in a competitive market.

  • We leverage deep industry expertise to ensure a nuanced understanding of various sectors, enabling tailor-made solutions that align with your specific needs.
  • Our commitment to bringing end-to-end data solutions is matched with a comprehensive approach that encompasses meticulous data migration all the way to the fine tuning of sophisticated predictive analytics models.
  • With our data accelerators as catalysts, we leverage best practices and cutting-edge technologies to swiftly deliver high-quality outcomes and empower clients with top-tier software solutions. 

RSM’s data engineering services

Case study

RSM helped a medical device company revolutionize its data dilemma

The successful migration from legacy systems to the new platforms—coupled with RSM's experience in data migration, system implementation and process optimization—empowered the client to modernize its operations, enhance efficiency and maintain a competitive edge in the market. 

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