Cyber resiliency

When security incidents, business interruptions and natural disasters occur, maintaining operations and recovering systems is mission critical.

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Organizations across the world are experiencing the effects of escalating cybersecurity incidents like ransomware attacks. No company is completely safe against attacks and no single product or solution protects against every incident. Company leaders must address the reality that cyberattacks have severely intensified—it’s no longer just individuals attacking organizations for entertainment value or bragging rights. Attacks now are launched by sophisticated, professional criminal organizations seeking to monetize their actions quickly and easily. Cybercriminals use malware, back doors and ransomware, malicious tools that are often difficult to detect and may hide the attackers’ actions. As a result, organizations experience lasting, destabilizing effects on their network as attacks often severely damage its systems.

Cyber resiliency is intended to minimize the impact of a cyber event on critical business processes and ensures the organization has established capabilities to seamlessly recover the environment if needed. To minimize the impacts, CISOs must identify the technology, data and resources supporting critical processes as well as understand the interdependencies of key systems that could be impacted by a cyber event. They must also establish point solutions to maintain limited restoration activities. A cohesive cyber resiliency program should be able to quickly evaluate a cyber event to determine its impact on the organization, initiate alternate processing to minimize disruptions to the business and prioritize restoration activities to ensure that critical technologies and supporting data are brought back online securely and within established RTOs and RPOs.

We understand the complex challenges you face in protecting your network. Our team will help you proactively evolve your program by creating dynamic models that support system/process prioritization, continuously testing recovery and restoration capabilities, and implementing automation to quickly return to normal.

Organizations benefit from our specialized cyber resiliency experience in:

For increased resilience, processes need to be designed in a manner that mitigates the risks the organization faces. Whether its alternate processes to limit impacts when the environment can no longer support, redesign of business-as-usual processes to be hardened against events or taking advantage of strategic service providers, our team of professionals can help you develop resilience blueprints that protect the organization against or limit the impact of downtime as the results of a cyber, environmental or manmade incident.

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