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Organizations of all sizes face growing cybersecurity threats, from ransomware attacks to social engineering campaigns. Compounding these challenges are increased regulatory compliance demands designed to protect sensitive data and intellectual property from falling into the wrong hands.

With cyberattacks at an all-time high, you need a direct view of the strength of your cybersecurity program and what it needs to remain effective.

If you struggle with cybersecurity controls and compliance, or don’t know where you stand, RSM’s cybersecurity Rapid Assessment can provide the insight and detail you need.

RSM’s customized cybersecurity assessment determines your risk exposure, includes advice on potential process gaps and realistic action plans, and provides you with a high-level view of your organization’s cybersecurity maturity. Some key deliverables include:

  • Best practices for cybersecurity controls, based on successful strategies from proven security and compliance frameworks, and a review of common high-risk issues
  • Identification of potentially critical security issues
  • Actionable, quick-fix opportunities to improve security
  • A road map for remediation of security issues

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