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Organizations of all sizes face growing cybersecurity threats, from ransomware attacks to social engineering campaigns. Compounding these challenges are increased regulatory compliance demands, designed to protect sensitive data and intellectual property from falling into the wrong hands. With cyberattacks at an all-time high, you need a direct view into the strength of your security program and what it needs to remain effective.

If you struggle with cybersecurity controls and compliance, or don’t know where you stand, RSM US LLP’s cybersecurity Rapid Assessment can provide the insight and detail you need.

RSM’s customized cybersecurity assessment determines your risk exposure, includes advice on potential process gaps and realistic action plans, and provides you with a high-level view of your organization’s cybersecurity maturity. Key deliverables include:

Key deliverables

How a cyber Risk Assessment can help protect your business

The cybersecurity Rapid Assessment is particularly beneficial to establish baselines for your current security program, benchmark your maturity against peers and identify critical points of weakness. It also reveals whether gaps stem from weaknesses in personnel, processes or technology. This helps your organization prioritize areas of remediation and allocate resources where they are most needed.

Who needs a Risk Assessment?

According to the RSM US Middle Market Business Index Cybersecurity Special Report, nearly 68% of executives surveyed expect that unauthorized users will attempt to breach their data or systems this year. A cybersecurity Rapid Assessment can help your organization gain a better understanding of your security program and communicate program maturity to key stakeholders, clients and vendors. Since the Rapid Assessment covers a wide range of security controls, your organization can pinpoint areas of strength and weakness, plan accordingly and mark progress over time.

What’s included?

RSM’s Rapid Assessment includes an information security assessment and our cyberthreat intelligence services, all tailored to the unique needs of your industry and your specific security concerns.

  • NIST Cybersecurity Framework assessment: This assessment, based on the framework established by the National Institute of Standards and Technology, is an interview-based review of your security controls. The effectiveness of each control is determined by evaluating its policies, procedures and formal governance as well as its technical implementation. Assessment of all your controls provides insight into the maturity of your security program.
  • Cyberthreat intelligence services: Nearly all the data stolen from companies is located in the deep web and the dark web, areas difficult to access and navigate without a high level of knowledge and experience. We investigate these areas and common threat actor communication platforms to determine if attackers are currently targeting your organization or industry.

Above all, RSM strives to meet our No. 1 goal: customer satisfaction. We achieve this through three principles:

Operational excellence, customer focus, and continuous innovation and improvement

Related security services

In addition to the services offered through our cybersecurity Rapid Assessment, we provide the following add-on services for clients who want a deeper look at certain aspects of their security program:

  • Strategic and operational planning: Through this process, our team uncovers areas that require better protections for critical data and systems, and provides valuable data analytics and planning to align your security program with your company mission. Use this service to strengthen security and risk management initiatives and incorporate them into current and future budgets, while also analyzing security spending, evaluating the effectiveness of your security projects, and determining whether security personnel are properly utilized.
  • Incident response tabletop: These sessions are discussion-based simulations that apply incident response plans (IRPs) to realistic scenarios. The goal of these exercises is to gain a better understanding of the incident response documentation currently in place, including procedures for notification, escalation and containment, and to evaluate how your staff would respond to a security incident. This service includes review of lessons learned from simulations. Having a tested IRP, as well as personnel familiar with the policies and procedures associated with this plan, can reduce the impact of security events.
  • Firewall assessment: Firewalls are often the first line of defense for a network, but often exhibit significant weaknesses, making attacks that much easier. A firewall assessment analyzes your configuration line by line and ensures it meets best practices and utilizes effective hardening techniques.

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