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Avoid the financial and reputational costs of noncompliant applications

As the number of mission-critical apps grows across middle market companies, so do an organization’s potential vulnerabilities. Application security responsibilities may fall on several teams and job titles, making it challenging to identify and remediate problems. What’s more, each disjointed process in your application development life cycle creates potential new vulnerabilities. Without consistent, secure practices, your business runs the risk of facing substantial penalties and reputational damage for noncompliance.

Don’t let security become an expensive and ineffective afterthought. Instead, engage with industry-leading professionals who can integrate security into every step of your application development processes. A savvy advisor can gather the right security team members during the system requirements and design phase. They’ll work with you to create a SecDevOps or DevSecOps approach to development based on your unique risk tolerance. This process will empower your teams to deploy applications in the most secure and supportable manner possible.

Adapt to changes faster with RSM

With RSM, you can embed an agile security mindset throughout your application development pipeline. Our team can accelerate secure platform deployments and minimize your technical debt from legacy applications.

Our application security professionals have extensive experience in various application delivery models. We’ll adapt your strategy to design changes at every step and address emerging threats as they arise.

You will benefit from establishing a continuous improvement cycle, empowering you to enhance overall quality and strengthen regulatory compliance.

In addition, you need to access the skill set to identify and deploy automated security testing capabilities, conduct detailed application security architecture reviews, and understand your ability to withstand threats.

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