Cybersecurity Rapid Assessment

A diagnostic tool leading to improved security effectiveness 

What is a Cybersecurity Rapid Assessment?

RSM’s Rapid Assessment helps to manage the concerns of organizations looking to get a handle on where their security program is currently, and where it needs to be headed to remain secure. The assessment is a customized diagnostic tool that determines your risk exposure, includes advice on potential process gaps and realistic action plans, and provides you with a high-level view of your organization’s cybersecurity maturity.

An RSM Cybersecurity Rapid Assessment includes:

  • A compressed evaluation of best practice cybersecurity controls, based on successful strategies from proven security and compliance frameworks, and a review of common high-risk issues
  • Identification of potentially critical security issues
  • Actionable quick-fix opportunities to improve security
  • A road map for remediation of security issues

Questions answered by a Cybersecurity Rapid Assessment

  • Is our information security program complete with necessary components and capabilities?
  • Are we prepared for changes in security and privacy regulations, the changing nature of attackers and changes in our risks resulting from new technology?
  • What security issues do we have that, if addressed, remove the greatest amount of risk from our environment?

Cybersecurity Rapid Assessment services approach

The process starts with a discussion with an RSM security, privacy and risk specialist, who will answer your questions and gain an understanding of your specific issues. The call is strictly informational, designed to learn more about your challenges, goals and priorities. We also outline our approach and the deliverables you may receive.

Who needs a Rapid Assessment?

According to the RSM Middle Market Business Index: Cybersecurity Special Report, nearly 50 percent of midsize companies expect they will face unauthorized users attempting to breach their data or systems this year. RSM’s Cybersecurity Rapid Assessment can help your organization gain a better understanding of your security program. This assessment is also useful in communicating program maturity to key stakeholders, clients and vendors. Since the Rapid Assessment covers a wide range of security controls, your organization can pinpoint areas of strength and weakness, plan accordingly and mark progress over time.

Rapid Assessment elements

The Cybersecurity Rapid Assessment helps you understand your organization’s risk by evaluating your vulnerabilities, threats and controls. We do this by a unique combination of services that leave you with an overall picture of where your security program is today and what you need to address in the future.

  1. INFOSEC assessment–an interview-based review of your security controls that provides insight into the maturity of your security program.
  2. Cyberthreat intelligence (CTI) assessment–nearly all of the stolen data from companies is located in the deep web and dark web. RSM’s CTI services investigate the deep and dark web to determine if attackers are currently targeting your organization or industry.
  3. One of the following (your choice):
  • Internal and external vulnerability assessment—an assessment is done using an automated tool to scan for active devices and services, which help determine what type of vulnerability checks to run.
  • Penetration test—a penetration test is aimed at exploiting weaknesses in externally facing systems, your internal network, mobile devices, logical devices and wireless systems to identify areas to improve.
  • Phishing assessment—we perform a test to assess human susceptibility to persuasion and manipulation allowing you to assess how users respond and areas to improve your awareness training and procedures.

You will receive a security and data privacy road map for your organization, including:

  • A high-level security assessment
  • Recommendations for controls improvement
  • Security and privacy framework recommendations

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