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Mar 26, 2024
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6 top considerations and where to go next

Transforming your business digitally can unlock your most critical business objectives—from greater innovation and a more responsive customer experience to increased employee productivity. But to do that, first you must have a modernized IT infrastructure.

By evaluating your current technology, you can identify the challenges holding your business back as well as the available opportunities for surging ahead. Following are six core IT infrastructure considerations you need to assess and address to build a strong foundation for business.

Assessment and planning

The framework you use to assess your current modernization maturity will not only determine what you focus on but will be used to evaluate your progress. Choose a framework that evaluates your infrastructure from an IT perspective and also puts it in the context of your organization’s specific objectives, such as scaling operations, enhancing the customer experience or improving cybersecurity.

How RSM helps

Our IT infrastructure consulting methodology helps you identify which assessment framework best supports your business objectives and then provides you with an understanding of where your business is now and where it’s going. All the while, our implementation professionals will work by your side to keep your strategy execution on track.

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Business resilience

Forget about nine-to-five. A digital business needs to be ready to work 24/7, making business resilience a must. To overcome the risk of unplanned disruptions, develop and implement a resilient IT infrastructure security strategy that ensures robust technical design and overlapping redundancy so you can keep your business operational and recover quickly from cyberattacks.

How RSM helps

We can give your business the ability to face any challenge with confidence by ensuring your organization is built on top of a robust IT infrastructure. Our IT infrastructure consulting advisors will work with you to create technical and operational resiliency strategies, plans, designs and implementations that are tailored to the unique needs of your business, industry, legal compliance requirements and vision for where you want your business to go.

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Network and data center

As the backbone of your digital operations, your network and your data center play a critical role in connecting your data, processes and people. Your network and data must not only meet the needs of modern applications but also accommodate the massive increase in bandwidth generated by the next generation of applications.

How RSM helps

You’ll want to assess your network infrastructure to make sure it meets the changing demands of your business operations. Whether you’re leveraging cloud, on-premises or hybrid solutions, we can improve your resiliency, increase bandwidth, scale storage and power AI applications. Oftentimes, our recommendations can optimize your costs while improving performance and IT infrastructure.

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Security and risk management

The more you digitize your business, the more you need to protect it from cyberattacks. Identifying and mitigating potential IT infrastructure security vulnerabilities, along with reducing your response and recovery time, is critical to protecting your customers, employees, shareholders and reputation. A wellrounded security and risk management strategy will encompass everything from network security and identity and access management to security monitoring, incident response and employee security training.

How RSM helps

Our security and privacy professionals have in-depth knowledge of current security and privacy issues and trends and can provide insights into your specific industry and business processes. After taking the time to understand your business, we’ll create an IT security strategy to ease the burden of compliance while minimizing the work of identifying and managing risk.

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Data storage and recovery

Your data is your most important asset. Assessing your data management and storage needs means understanding not just how much data you have but how you use and secure it. As your business grows, you must make sure you have the right security tools and protocols in place to scale and secure your data storage. And should something go wrong, you need to have the processes in place to quickly restore data without affecting operations.

How RSM helps

Considering your data growth, retention and compliance requirements, we can provide a holistic strategy that identifies the proper storage, backup and recovery solutions. Our cloud portfolio consists of best practices developed through years of delivering, consulting on and monitoring technology. You’ll have the flexibility to combine any or all of our IT infrastructure consulting services for an affordable, customized cloud solution that provides both scalability and redundancy.

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Operations and talent

An effective, modern IT infrastructure requires more than just the latest digital technology. It requires people who know how to maximize its use to ensure you’re maximizing your IT investments.

How RSM helps

We can help you determine where your team may need support or training. We evaluate the current skills of your IT team and identify any gaps that need to be filled to bring your people up to speed with your technology. We also offer managed IT solutions that can reduce the burden on your IT staff so they can focus on high-value initiatives.

Getting the right support

Start addressing your IT infrastructure, cybersecurity and governance needs with an Information Technology Assessment. We can determine where you should start with your IT modernization initiative by reviewing your current technology operations and making recommendations that position you to meet your business objectives.

Your results provide a road map to modernize your IT infrastructure and drive business strategy to:

  • Upgrade, enhance, and integrate legacy systems
  • Optimize costs
  • Enhance productivity
  • Provide a competitive advantage
  • Meet current security requirements
  • Improve collaboration between organizations

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