MDM and data governance: Establishing the right implementation approach

Nov 10, 2023

Key takeaways

Data needs are becoming more complex as information is shared across ecosystems.

Companies are in search of data governance solutions that enhance data integrity and reliability. 

Master data management (MDM) software provides the foundation of effective data governance.

Amid a crowded MDM market, companies can struggle to determine the best options and overall fit.

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Company data needs are becoming more complex with the introduction of diversified cloud applications that share information across ecosystems, highlighting the need for data governance solutions. In response, data-driven organizations across all industries are in search of master data management software solutions that bring people, process and technology together to ensure data integrity and reliability.

From a technology perspective, the foundation of a good data governance approach begins with a clear and effective master data management software system that supports the governance process and empowers users to manage the data they own.

The market for MDM systems has become crowded with products that span from end-to-end enterprise data management systems to more lightweight data quality oversight solutions. As a result, companies often have trouble weighing costs versus features for reliable data management; it can also be difficult to determine the system that is most compatible with existing technology.

How do companies ensure that their master data management software properly supports the data governance journey while providing the right balance of needs versus wants to support their use cases? Mapping use cases to a tactical plan will provide assurance that data-driven organizations can leverage information in the most efficient and effective manner.

Read our white paper to learn more about establishing a successful data governance approach, including:

  • Technology platforms that provide the foundation of good governance
  • The role people, process and technology play
  • How use cases drive MDM system implementation factors
  • How to right-size a data governance platform


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