Human Capital Rapid Assessments

Aligning your critical people processes with your business goals

Often, human capital is seen as a tactical, behind-the-scenes function. However, to get the full return on investment and ensure constant improvement from teams and processes, the department must be directly tied to business strategy. Quickly understanding the current state of human capital and the role it plays in your organization is a critical first step in elevating and optimizing the function.

Human capital is so much bigger than HR—it can have significant financial and non-financial benefits to your company. Because human capital has such an impact to your company, RSM’s Human Capital Rapid Assessment® goes a level deeper that than typical evaluations that stop at payroll, compliance and benefits. Instead, we focus on four key pillars:

Strategy and vision

  • Undefined strategy and vision of the future-state operating model
  • Changing leadership and delayed decision-making
  • Misalignment of desired organizational culture

Process efficiency

  • Inefficient workflow with breakdowns and redundancy in effort
  • Heavy reliance on manual and paper-based workarounds
  • Lack of knowledge and understanding of core business processes

HR systems environment

  • Outdated HR systems with functional gaps
  • No scalability for business growth and strategic goals
  • Network and system performance issues


  • Undefined employee roles and responsibilities
  • Siloed mentality and a lack of ownership and accountability
  • Misaligned organization to operating model

How can we help you?

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The Human Capital Rapid Assessment is designed to identify key challenges that companies commonly face, while providing strategic and actionable recommendations on how to align the business to reach desired short- and long-term goals. The assessment is a flexible, quick-hit diagnostic that should be an element of any project that you begin with RSM Canada, but it can also be a standalone evaluation of your entire human capital process or an individual department.

Any time you have a change within your company’s environment, or within a specific function (especially finance or ITon techn), the assessment can help you understand the necessary adjustments from a human capital perspective. For example, if your company is growing, the Rapid Assessment can help you think about your specific functions, and how they need to subsequently change to ensure your operating model remains efficient.

Even in the COVID-19 pandemic, the Human Capital Rapid Assessment helped companies remain nimble as many key processes needed to change quickly. For instance, the assessment helped guide companies through adjusting remote and flexible work policies, cellphone reimbursement plans, recruiting for essential positions and fast-hire recruiting when in-person interviews were not possible.

Ultimately, RSM’s Human Capital Rapid Assessment is an effective whiteboarding session to help you address what is keeping you up at night or how to confidently implement future plans. We develop a strategic scorecard with your goals—from engagement of people, sustainability and growth—and a plan to get you there.