Business and professional services

Changing economies, emerging technologies and evolving workforce models mean that business and professional services firms face an ever-changing business landscape. With more than 90 years of extensive industry experience, RSM has helped thousands of firms achieve their business objectives. Our clients span a variety of services sectors, including law firms, architecture and engineering, accounting, consulting, advertising and marketing, executive search and staffing services.

From partnership taxation and transaction support to cybersecurity and digital transformation strategies, we provide assurance, tax and consulting solutions that address your unique challenges. Experienced in serving clients with a local, national or international presence, and a number of diverse organizational structures, our professionals can help develop meaningful solutions for your business.

Professional services

At RSM, we have a long history of working with professional services firms, including accounting and tax firms, architecture firms, consulting firms, engineering firms and law firms. Professional services firms were built on a model that deploys individuals with specialized skills, expertise and knowledge. Now, the model is more fluid, changes to business operations, shifting client expectations and emerging technologies, firms must continually evolve to stay competitive.

Business services

As one of the most important parts of our economy, this sector provides support services to businesses, and essential and nonessential services to consumers. Services provided by this sector include marketing and advertising, environmental and facility services, and workforce solutions (i.e., executive search, human resources consulting, payroll services and staffing services).

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