Insights on the future of work in professional services

Strategies for building and retaining a dynamic workforce in today’s professional services environment.

Oct 21, 2022

Key takeaways

Leading firms are leveraging new technologies to provide training and skills-based learning to enhance employee experience.

Today’s workforce expects career path transparency—and firms that don’t provide it risk losing talented employees.

Inspire passion and purpose within your culture. Employees want to build their careers at firms that share their values.

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Holding on to top talent is essential for professional services firms—but it’s not easy

How can professional services firms recruit and retain top professionals?

In response to growing pressure due to the labor shortage, the professional services industry is exploring numerous strategies to recalibrate workload, recruit and retain staff, maintain operational stability, manage risk and reassess expectations regarding sustainable growth, revenue and profitability.

You’re looking at a very hot labor market. Professional services firms are feeling a lot of pain right now. As a result, leadership will need to reimagine their workplaces if they want to compete in today’s environment.
Sonya King, Senior Analyst, RSM Canada

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