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When you’re choosing a professional service provider to assist with a business technology project, there are many choices. One useful way of looking at alternatives is with a simple 2x2 grid, with the axes being the service provider’s knowledge of your industry and knowledge of the technology.

The worst, perhaps riskiest quadrant is low industry/low technology knowledge and experience combination. The best, most appropriate quadrant represents providers with high industry/high technology knowledge and experience. This quadrant’s name might be “proven experts”.  And for projects involving digital workflows, business processes and the ServiceNow enterprise platform, this is where you’ll find us.

While high/high knowledge is a requirement, it’s not the only factor to consider. Our notable ServiceNow familiarity and ability to provide insight-driven, industry-specific solutions is key to our story, however it’s not the headline. What sets RSM apart is our incessant drive to understand: you, your business, your enterprise, your challenges, your constraints, your alternatives, your preferences. Even so, it’s less about our understanding than your being understood.

We invite you to learn more about our ServiceNow capabilities across industries here and encourage you to begin the road to understanding by speaking with some of our specialists.

ServiceNow solution experience spans industries, business models and company sizes.

We believe that great workflow is behind every successful performance, no matter your industry. ServiceNow and RSM deliver digital workflow solutions that address the unique needs of your industry and help accelerate your digital transformation.

Our ServiceNow practice has deep experience in the technology industry, with hundreds of clients in this sector alone. RSM has successfully completed ServiceNow projects with leading software, hardware and internet-based companies from Fortune 50 multinationals to fast-growing middle market firms to startups. We cover most business models, including direct, indirect, web-only, sharing economy, B2B and B2C. Our clients benefit from RSM’s leading solutions, enabling them to use ServiceNow to quickly capture opportunities and gain efficiencies.

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