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Microsoft for manufacturing: Building solutions for the future

Leverage Microsoft for the manufacturing and distribution industry

From cybersecurity and global supply chains to compliance and factories of the future, the manufacturing industry faces complex challenges at every turn. Overcoming these obstacles requires increased data visibility to remain agile and proactive. RSM delivers manufacturing ERP software along with Microsoft technology consulting, providing a unified end-to-end cloud-based solution that fuels innovation, boosts productivity and captures real-time opportunities.

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RSM manufacturing and distribution (M&D) advisors are uniquely positioned to deliver high-value technology solutions built for the speed and scale of modern M&D industries. RSM brings extensive experience to your M&D organization, supporting award-winning Dynamics 365, Modern Workplace, Business Intelligence and Infrastructure Teams. RSM can help to bring the Microsoft Cloud for Manufacturing to life for your organization.  

Direct to consumer offers additions to the base product and complements existing processes with features like reason codes, sales order-related remittances, and a personalization engine to help guide product individualization.

RSM: The leader in manufacturing solutions for Microsoft

RSM has a number of unique solutions that are built to address the main gaps that our advisors have seen in Microsoft Dynamics 365, both in supply chain planning and supply chain execution. As a result, we are the first-choice advisor for middle market organizations in implementing, enhancing and supporting Microsoft solutions.  

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Knowing where to start with Microsoft Dynamics 365 can be difficult. This buyer’s guide is designed to be a first step in understanding how to reap optimal value from Dynamics 365.

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