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Microsoft solutions for consumer products, food and beverage, industrials, life sciences, retail, nonprofit and other industries.

Microsoft tech experience and industry-specific experience yield better results.

Advise. Deliver. Manage. It’s the three-part framework through which we deliver Microsoft solutions that fit your industry. We build solutions that fit the quirks and twists that make your industry (and business) different from the rest. 

Fortunately, Microsoft products are very flexible in their implementation and powerful in their function. This adaptability without compromise makes Microsoft business solutions such as Dynamics 365 and Microsoft 365 a strong foundation for almost any middle market business.

Another fortunate fact: Our Microsoft technologists and business advisors have deep experience working in different industries. We’ve learned about the issues you’re likely facing and worked with solutions that address them head-on. Whether it’s industry-specific systems that tailor a Microsoft solution to become a custom solution, or process recommendations to improve operations, you can count on your RSM team to make your business perform better.

The industries in which we have extensive experience include:


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With these solutions, you might say it’s not our first rodeo. Our teams earn specific system and industry credentials along with substantial practical experience. You get the resources of a hand-picked team from our global organization.

Dynamics 365 unifies the best of Microsoft’s customer relationship management (CRM) and enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions into one fully integrated cloud service. Tailor your system with more than a dozen sophisticated business apps.

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