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RSM offers solutions tailored to meet the needs of the life sciences industry, built with a clear understanding of the challenges of your very demanding markets. Our industry advisors have decades of experience building, operating and supporting biotechnology, pharmaceutical and medical device companies. We leverage that experience to quickly identify and target your most critical challenges and opportunities, while paying full attention to essential compliance requirements.

The pharmaceutical sector is poised for significant growth but will most likely look very different as the science increases in complexity and operations decentralize. Outsourcing of critical functions will become the norm as companies seek to remain nimble in the face of quickly advancing technology and relevantly skilled labour becomes harder to find.

RSM has helped life sciences companies navigate the complexities of a highly regulated industry by providing innovative solutions. Our revenue contract management services are designed to support those responsible for managing complex sales contracts with a variety of entities—wholesalers, group purchasing organizations, retail chains, pharmacy benefit managers and the Medicare rebate program—with the goal of optimizing the gross-to-net process and improving accuracy.

We leverage extensive data analytics to bring visibility to your data and greater accuracy to your financials, reporting and projections. Our holistic approach can manage your critical contract and pricing needs from product launch to commercial operations, government pricing and reporting, and contract and product performance.

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