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RSM delivers a complete, fully managed IT solution for a predictable monthly fee

Our fully managed IT services (FMITS) program caters to organizations that seek a completely outsourced IT department. It's tailor-made for both commercial and nonprofit organizations, fitting seamlessly whether you have a traditional, hybrid or virtual workforce. And the best part? Transparent pricing, structured on a per-user, per-month fee model.

Many FMITS clients don't have internal IT staff. But when they do, it's often to oversee managed services or lead internal projects. In such instances, our mission becomes simple: offer a unified, unparalleled experience for every end user.

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A bundled managed IT solution delivers a powerful combination of trained personnel, refined processes, and advanced technology, offering businesses a turnkey answer to complex IT challenges. This integrated approach streamlines operations, reduces risk, lowers costs and frees companies to concentrate on their core mission.

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Expect strong core “blocking and tackling” managed services, from vigilant monitoring and network management to timely patching for your devices.

FMITS can be augmented with optional offerings: premium PC deployment, recurring on-site support, custom backup solutions, consulting projects, C-suite advisory services, managed cloud/hosting and functional business application support for certain ERP systems. Microsoft 365 licenses sold separately.

The solution: An all-inclusive approach to fully managed IT services

Within the foundational four pillars, all services are bundled into our per-user monthly pricing model. We've designed diverse pricing tiers to cater to the unique demands and support expectations of various end-user profiles, be it information workers or frontline staff. While our FMITS solution is optimized for small and medium-sized organizations, it's flexible enough to serve larger organizations. 

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