Co-managed IT services

Custom solutions to meet the demands of domestic and internationally active mid-market organizations

Why use RSM for co-managed IT services?

Organizational needs vary, shaped by their tech stack, internal IT talent, growth dynamics, regulatory landscape, footprint, budgets and language proficiencies. Such diverse profiles demand equally diverse outsourcing solutions. Our co-managed IT service aims to supplement, not supplant, your IT function, enriching it with our technical knowledge, Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) best practices, scalability and reach, and multilingual support—all without breaking the bank.

RSM doesn't just offer services; we bring specialized industry insights. As the preferred managed service provider for mid-market businesses and nonprofits, we pride ourselves on our track record of blending seamlessly with client teams. Underpinning our co-managed service is the industry-leading IT service management platform—ServiceNow—which is flexible enough to adapt yet robust enough to bring tried and true ITIL best practices right to your doorstep.

Co-managed IT services tailored to you

Shape your IT journey at your pace. Begin with a single service for a measured start, especially if you're new to outsourcing, or dive in with our full suite for a comprehensive transformation.

  • 24x7 help desk—three levels, dedicated teams and co-location options
  • Global reach with “follow the sun,” multilanguage support
  • Efficient co-ticketing via ServiceNow, with e-bonding options
  • Clear service level agreements (SLAs) and performance tracking
  • ITIL practices, from knowledge to incident management

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Our secret sauce | Delivery model

At RSM, harmonizing co-managed services isn't just about our internal coordination between local and national teams. It extends to building a seamless synergy with our client teams. This integration ensures that all stakeholders move in a unified direction, creating a cohesive IT team that is both efficient and adaptable.


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