Temporary payroll emergency response

When your payroll continuity is threatened, RSM can provide seamless coverage

How can you keep payroll covered when continuity is at risk?

When you have lost your key payroll staff, the first step is ensuring reliable, quality payroll coverage. Whether you have one absence or more on your payroll team, any disruption creates a burden for the remaining team and potential risks to business continuity and the employee experience.

RSM’s temporary payroll emergency response fills those out-of-office or departed staff gaps with certified, experienced payroll providers who know how to jump in when needed to keep employees accurately paid. This service is also leveraged by savvy payroll managers as a perk that boosts employee satisfaction, providing quality coverage when payroll staff want to use earned personal time off.

Keeping payroll covered long-term

After clearing the hurdle of ensuring temporary payroll coverage, you have options for how to keep it covered long-term. If you choose to hire a new payroll staff member, that individual will get up to speed more quickly with hands-on training from someone familiar with your system, payroll process and industry nuances. RSM payroll providers can help train your new hire, advising them on best practices to keep your payroll cycle running optimally.

If you want to permanently protect against unexpected threats to your payroll continuity, you might opt to outsource your payroll function. Having a full-service managed payroll team avoids the need to recruit and train new payroll talent when a payroll department employee moves on. You retain control over policies and procedures while the rest of the work is securely covered by the professionally managed payroll team to create a more efficient, accurate, secure and compliant process.

Managed payroll gives you dedicated support with built-in backup, and layers of oversight, to ensure payroll stability no matter what happens with your business. That stability is very difficult and sometimes more costly to create with an in-house payroll team or limited resources.

Take a shortcut to payroll confidence

Payroll reliability affects employee satisfaction, turnover and productivity, while compliance issues can lead to legal and financial repercussions. Read more about how temporary payroll emergency response works.

RSM payroll consultants hold industry certifications, as well as certifications in multiple payroll software platforms. If recent changes have left your payroll vulnerable, now is the time to make sure it is accurate, compliant, secure, documented and protected from disruptions.

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