Managed payroll services

Protect and optimize your payroll process

We take on the components of your payroll process that you want professionally managed. Our industry-certified payroll professionals work with you to achieve a more accurate, secure, compliant, and streamlined payroll process.

When RSM becomes your managed payroll team, your staff can focus their time, energy, and resources on supporting organizational growth and business continuity. Engaging our team of certified payroll professionals dedicated to maintaining efficient management of this essential process—including proper handling of remote worker tax issues, audits, reconciliations, garnishments and more—creates true payroll continuity.

Professional certificates

Payroll Org (formerly American Payroll Association)

National Payroll Institute (formerly Canadian Payroll Association)

Fundamental Payroll Certification (FPC)

Certified payroll professional (CPP)

Your payroll, managed

Reliable, accurate, compliant and secure payroll is key to the health of your business. Let RSM's industry-savvy payroll professionals help you achieve true payroll confidence.

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