Five potentially paralyzing problems that Dynamics 365 can solve

Sep 09, 2021
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In today’s competitive environment, leading organizations rely on fast, efficient data analytics and integrated real-time cloud applications. Siloed systems fail on both counts.

What’s needed is a flexible platform running core ERP and CRM systems that can seamlessly connect to other applications within and outside of the platform brand.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is just such a platform, and it can help organizations avoid these five potentially paralyzing problems that outdated systems can cause. 

Problem #1: The IT staff is overwhelmed with systems and applications maintenance

IT resources are strategic resources, which can be expensive to acquire and maintain. Yet IT organizations often spend more time and resources maintaining on-premises hardware and software than on strategic initiatives that truly add value.

On top of that, they often must customize applications to add functionality or connectivity. These customizations can increase technical debt, making it difficult to modernize in the future.


Dynamics 365 eliminates the resource drain caused by maintaining multiple systems and applications with a flexible cloud-based platform that is configurable to meet your unique requirements.

Dynamics 365 can replace multiple point solutions and eliminate the need for costly modifications. Best of all, Microsoft regularly maintains, updates and improves the applications and underlying infrastructure, eliminating the need for upgrades and patches, and freeing your IT staff to focus on business initiatives that improve the bottom line.

RSM can help you reduce the burden on your IT staff even further with Managed IT Services, which can develop a customized solution to meet your needs. You have the flexibility to choose a co-managed platform, with our advisors working alongside your IT staff, or outsource your entire IT department. 

Problem #2: Data sprawl inhibits optimization

Middle market businesses that manage data well can use it to improve process efficiency and customer service, making it a powerful competitive differentiator. But all too often, data is spread throughout the organization, creating obstacles to manage, secure, aggregate and access it.

Many companies also lack the analytical tools to turn raw data into actionable insights that can guide decision-making. Without a single source of truth accessible across applications, organizations can find it difficult to ensure that their data is accurate and up-to-date. 


Dynamics 365 offers a suite of core SaaS business applications with a common data platform in the cloud. This enables consolidation of data into a single stream that Dynamics 365 applications can easily access for tasks and for analysis. For example, you can use accurate sales forecasting, scenario modeling and customer insights in Dynamics 365 to guide strategic initiatives with the confidence that the data behind your analysis is accurate and complete. In addition, RSM offers Data Strategy and Management services, providing a BI Rapid Assessment to help you evaluate your situation and offer pragmatic recommendations, data strategy and roadmapping, as well as data governance and architecture advising.

Problem #3: Customers are moving to new sales channels, but you can’t align

B2B and B2C customers want modern, connected experiences that are easy to use across multiple channels. Organizations that don’t deliver on those expectations can be left behind. But orchestrating those personalized experiences—not to mention operationalizing them at scale—is impossible with outdated, disconnected applications. People, data and systems must connect across functions to succeed.


To personalize the buyer’s experience and attract the right customers, Dynamics 365 provides seamless support for new sales or channel strategies together with industry-specific solutions such as Dynamics 365 Commerce. RSM can help you set up and manage a Dynamics 365 solution that is tailored to your organization’s needs.

Problem #4: Mergers and acquisitions have resulted in redundant systems and processes

Many organizations base their growth strategy on acquiring complementary businesses. The  rush to integrate, however, can sometimes result in a patchwork of legacy systems inherited from both firms. Managing these disparate systems consumes IT resources, while unnecessary redundancies can stifle productivity, efficiency and innovation.


Dynamics 365 offers an opportunity to consolidate and standardize new acquisitions onto a highly scalable and configurable platform without worrying about uniting disparate infrastructure or applications. It gives your business a 360-degree view of your operations with a single version of the truth. RSM’s Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) team is highly experienced with the integration issues surrounding M&A as well as the solutions need to overcome them. 

Problem #5: A lack of confidence in IT security

Businesses must battle cyberattacks such as data breaches, compromised credentials, malware and ransomware on a continuous basis. Protecting on-premise systems against increasingly sophisticated attacks can be especially challenging, while multiple applications, bring-your-own-device and shadow IT create more and more vulnerabilities. 


Dynamics 365 benefits from Microsoft’s enterprise-grade protection tools and zero-trust security strategies. It also receives continuous maintenance and upgrades to stay ahead of malicious actors.

RSM can accelerate your IT security jouney with Cybersecurity Rapid Assessment, a customized diagnostic tool that determines your risk exposure, includes advice on potential process gaps and realistic action plans, and provides you with a high-level view of your organization’s cybersecurity maturity.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 can solve some of the most complex and vexing business challenges by moving the business to a modern platform that is scalable, extendable and customizable depending on your needs, goals and existing IT footprint.

RSM is a gold-certified Microsoft enterprise advisor with decades of experience in industries such as retail, food and beverage, CPG, nonprofit, life sciences and industrials. We have more than 1,000 consultants with deep industry knowledge and access to proprietary applications that accelerate time-to-value for Microsoft solutions.  

You can trust RSM for lifetime support guided by a business-first mentality that combines Microsoft experience with broader services in management and technology consulting, risk advisory, tax, IT infrastructure, data/analytics and more.