Tax technology selection and optimization services

Helping tax functions leverage technology to deliver on their strategy and add value to their organization

In every business, the tax department has a clear goal—to deliver efficient, credible tax planning, reporting and compliance. Achieving this goal requires that your data, technology, people and processes be properly aligned.

Our tax function optimization professionals understand how different technologies and processes combine to deliver distinct business results. We work closely with other RSM specialists to provide comprehensive support for your tax function needs.

If your company is ready to make a move in the area of tax technology—whether automating the tax process for the first time, migrating to a new platform or integrating disparate systems—we can help you make a confident decision.

Tax technologists can add value to the entire tax function through advising on:

  • Technology selection and optimization
  • Process and workflow improvement
  • Systems integration and data automation
  • Tax function business intelligence
  • Custom automated tax calculation and reporting systems
  • Automated monitoring and control
  • Effective tax function co-souring and outsourcing
  • Tax focused digital training and upskilling


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Michael Charette

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Our tax technology analysis process is vendor-neutral, influenced solely by the requirements of your organization.