Global Employer Services

Sound tax planning for your international mobile workforce

Having the right people on the ground is critical to a company’s success, regardless of international boundaries.

Companies with a global workforce often have questions and concerns regarding a wide range of tax, payroll and compensation issues.

Without proper planning, international assignments often lead to compliance issues and unnecessary costs for companies, as well as for their employees.

Understanding you and your needs

Our Global Employer Services (GES) practice can help companies and employees navigate these challenges and provide support at every stage of an international assignment —from inception to completion – in the following areas:

  • Global tax planning and implementation
  • International assignment policy review and design
  • Global coordination and centralized services
  • Compensation review and delivery structuring
  • Permanent establishment planning
  • Home and host individual tax consulting
  • Tax equalization policy review and design
  • Payroll planning and cost projections
  • Consultation on income tax treaties and social security totalization agreements
  • Global Tax Compliance
  • Preparation of income tax returns
  • Preparation of withholding forms
  • Preparation of tax equalization calculations
  • Correspondence with tax authorities
  • Payroll calculations and compliance
  • Certificate of Coverage
  • Pension, asset, account and equity reporting

Service leader

Frank Casciaro
Senior Manager

How can we help you?

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Working with you, we can help devise a plan custom-tailored to your company’s objectives and your employees’ needs.