Value-added tax services

Supporting value-added tax and global indirect tax compliance for multinational middle market businesses

Companies with international operations face awareness and compliance challenges in a complex and evolving global value-added tax environment. As VAT regimes become increasingly demanding across the globe, complying with regulations becomes even more difficult. Businesses are forced to devote significant time and money to compliance, in many cases relying on inexperienced staff and multiple service providers in different countries. All of this can result in unidentified risks and opportunities, insufficient governance, and business continuity issues.

RSM’s technology-enabled global VAT compliance and reporting (GVCR) services support end-to-end VAT compliance. Our team of tax professionals delivers deep experience, technical knowledge and market insights—with state-of-the-art technology supporting the team’s capabilities.

Our approach

We take your source data through a series of steps to test, arrange and transform the information into a standardized and compliant document ready for filing.

We then facilitate the filing process on your behalf and clarify payment requirements. Working papers, finished documents and submission receipts are all maintained in a centralized database, providing real-time visibility into returns and an audit trail.

Benefits of RSM's GVCR services

Our GVCR services can benefit any business managing multiple VAT registrations by streamlining and simplifying:

  • International registration processes
  • VAT returns and reporting
  • Defense support for VAT audits
  • Local tax representation

Save time and IT costs with a single vendor capable of delivering end-to-end global VAT compliance, risk mitigation and improved data. Confidently navigate ever-changing VAT laws and obligations with RSM’s end-to-end GVCR services.

Why choose RSM?

RSM uses a centralized VAT compliance model for your global indirect tax filing requirements. We offer a high degree of automation and control and skilled VAT tax professionals.

We can assess current VAT and trade operations, recommending improvements to manage risk, recover cash or improve controls across all jurisdictions. By implementing leading enterprise technology, we help improve technical accuracy, enable process efficiency and reduce the risk of noncompliance.

Reach out to us today to see how RSM’s centralized VAT compliance services can enhance your global compliance position and risk management controls. Let us help you navigate the complexities of global VAT compliance with confidence.

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