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Internationally active businesses must handle a variety of global indirect tax obligations. With constantly changing value-added tax (VAT) regulations across multiple jurisdictions, it’s challenging to keep up with support documentation and maintain the variety of required activities. With limited in-house resources, many middle market companies rely on accounting systems with minimal built-in VAT logic, which exposes them to risk. 

Some middle market companies solve noncompliance issues by hiring local accounting firms in each jurisdiction, a move that makes processes less efficient. RSM uses a centralized VAT compliance model for all your global indirect tax filing requirements. We offer a high degree of automation and control done by skilled VAT tax professionals. 

We can assess current VAT, foreign indirect tax and trade operations and recommend improvements to manage risk, recover cash or improve controls across all jurisdictions. By implementing leading enterprise technology, we help improve technical accuracy, enable process efficiency and reduce risk of noncompliance. We can also assist with analyzing indirect tax data to make better-informed business decisions. 

How does a centralized VAT compliance service help your global compliance position and risk management controls? Watch this video to learn more of our foreign direct tax services. 

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Tax authorities around the world are demanding better visibility into tax data. RSM’s global VAT compliance and reporting service offers a centralized, U.S.-based VAT compliance model for all your international filing requirements.

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