Automation Planning and Implementation

Gain more consistency and efficiency in transactional processes

Automation and hyperautomation are predicted to be one of the hottest opportunities to enhance middle market companies in the coming years for good reason. In an environment of rapidly rising wages, increased employee turnover and a competitive talent market, automation initiatives can leverage technology to perform lower-value repetitive and semi-repetitive tasks, freeing employees to focus on higher-value processes.

The number of potential automation capabilities is extensive and only growing, enabling you to optimize your existing talent. For example, you can utilize natural language processing (NLP) or chatbots that communicate with customers; robotic process automation (RPA) to process data or payments; or intelligent business process management to gain insights into productivity and quality. Even if you have limited resources, automation helps you get the most value out of your investments and add stability to the organization.

The core technologies for successful automation has existed for a few years, but the cost of entry has declined significantly; and advanced technology capabilities are now more available for middle market companies.

RSM Canada’s automation planning and implementation team helps you evaluate and implement automation in a pragmatic way. Unlike large corporate entities, the middle market does not have the time or resources for endless experiments or pilot projects. Instead, middle market companies require fast time to value from an automation project. We understand the middle market and the nuances of your industry, and develop solutions that provide the highest value and a quick return on investment.

How can we help you?

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What makes an Automation System?

An automation solution is only as effective as the structure behind it. With our depth of knowledge in business drivers and critical processes in each individual industry, we have the ability to optimize your processes before they become automated, helping you get the most out of your key functions, from your supply chain to finance to internal controls compliance.

Our team provides client enablement, outsourced or co-sourced automation approaches, providing the necessary flexibility to deliver the right framework for your business:

  • Client enablement: We execute proof-of-concepts and pilot efforts to initiate the automation journey. During the pilot, we support client team members as they learn and develop automations. Once the client team is fully enabled, we fully transition automation delivery and on-going support.
  • Outsourcing: We can implement, deploy and maintain automation solutions designed for your specific needs, providing all-inclusive, white-glove service.
  • Co-sourcing: We can get your automation platform in place, then give you the tools to deploy and manage it moving forward, with help from our team along the way.

In addition, we can help you implement comprehensive automation solutions across your business to enhance all areas of the company. In most cases, we can find and implement an off-the-shelf automation product that can integrate seamlessly into your framework with little to no customization. We are not tied to specific solutions; therefore, we provide unbiased, independent advice that allows you to test the waters of automation without going all in.

Ultimately, our automation solutions provide you with increased organizational agility. When a business typically encounters a boom or a bust period, it needs to add or subtract resources quickly, straining internal resources with recruiting, training and hiring, or layoffs and reorganization of duties. However, automation applications can easily scale with demand, with only the need to adjust licences and servers to meet evolving business requirements.

For many repetitive and transactional processes, humans can be an unstable resource. Work with RSM Canada to understand how we can introduce automation in these areas to create cost-effective solutions that you can be confident will bring long-term enhancements to your business.