Automation Governance Center of Excellence

Creating a structure to scale and maximize your automation investments

Once you start to invest in automation, your platform can go in many directions. In a best-case scenario, it can be very well-structured, set up to scale and provide significant value to the organization. However, many automation frameworks are not always managed well and consist of multiple groups that lack a consistent strategy and vision. Companies must have a mechanism to think through how they will scale and manage automation applications.

Once you have completed an automation implementation, the sky is the limit for the positive change it can bring to your key processes. However, you must know how you are going to evaluate potential use cases, how you will manage the vendor and who is going to manage this entire new capability. This is a critical area where RSM Canada can help you define your automation governance processes through a centre of excellence.

Within a centre of excellence structure, you have options. Our experienced team can help you decide whether a centralized, federated or decentralized model is best for your business.

  • Centralized: The centre of excellence manages automation delivery and sources use cases from business units. This approach allows for centralized support, asset library management and third-party coordination.
  • Federated: Business units and functions have committed automation staff for creation of automations, while the centre of excellence supports delivery governance and standards. This framework allows for faster scaling through asset reuse and coordination between business units, and mitigates more risk through centralized governance.
  • Decentralized: Individual business units drive identification, development and governance of automations, while the centre of excellence focuses purely on platform support. This strategy allows for tailoring to regional laws, regulations and security restrictions in a global or highly distributed organization.

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Organizational change management is also a critical element of automation scaling. We work with you to understand how it will change the organization, and we develop a strategy to help users ultimately accept the new technology as it scales up in the business.

We understand your business and your goals, and create a cohesive plan to deploy a centre of excellence and a governance model for your organization so you can continue to scale and deploy more automation. Our automation frameworks are not designed to meet a single, short-term need; instead, they are built to evolve with your organization and optimize your automation investment.

In a middle market company, you have to be strategic and you have to allocate your resources effectively to develop and achieve maximum value from your automation capability. We can help you develop a centre of excellence structure to maximize the value of your platform with clear direction on how to scale with governance and efficiency.