RSM’s NetSuite retail accelerators

Seamlessly connect leading platforms with NetSuite to optimize retail processes

RSM’s NetSuite retail accelerators

RSM introduces NetSuite integrations to scale retail businesses

RSM’s retail accelerator solutions are specifically designed to address the common challenges faced by retail companies, utilizing best-in-class technology systems, all seamlessly connected to NetSuite to ensure smooth data flows. This comprehensive array of solutions is aimed at expediting companies’ NetSuite implementation.

RSM’s retail accelerators are tailor-made for companies that employ NetSuite as their enterprise resource planning system and want to reach peak efficiency in key processes. By adhering to the recommended architecture, your business can swiftly establish a robust retail infrastructure and quickly realize a return on investment through increased sales and streamlined operational workflows.

RSM's retail accelerators

Retail Power BI Accelerator for NetSuite and Shopify

RSM’s Retail Power BI Accelerator delivers pre-built data visualization across your platforms, empowering executives to make data-driven decisions.

Shopify integration powered by Boomi

RSM introduces the Shopify Integration Accelerator, designed to fast-track your digital transformation journey. It integrates NetSuite and Shopify, including Shopify POS, utilizing Boomi as a highly scalable platform as a service.

Key highlights include:

  • A cost-effective solution
  • Scalable for all businesses
  • Robust integration capabilities for various needs
  • Flexibility for complex business cases
  • Support for Shopify B2B and Shopify POS

Blackline Accelerator for NetSuite

RSM’s Blackline Accelerator for NetSuite is a transformative solution designed to supercharge your reconciliation process for e-commerce, payment processors and bank data. The accelerator is designed to speed up your financial closing operations and reduce manual efforts for your accounting team, improving your time-to-close and allowing your people to focus on more strategic tasks.

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