NetSuite for consumer goods companies

Meet customer demand for convenience and expedience across channels. Bring products to market more efficiently. Leverage real-time data visibility for confident decision-making in an always-shifting, highly competitive market.

NetSuite for consumer goods delivers a comprehensive set of tools perfectly matched to your business needs. As the leading cloud-based ERP, NetSuite doesn’t require hardware that has to be upgraded and maintained. All you need is an internet connection and a device with a browser. And because NetSuite is a true multitenant cloud platform, your data is safely managed and never shares space with another organization.

Built to satisfy the requirements of consumer goods companies, NetSuite ERP includes features that help you manage your business. For example, RSM’s NetSuite team can organize your entire supply chain, service customers across all sales channels, improve product quality using test definitions or rules and directly integrate with contract manufacturers.

We understand consumer goods

With hundreds of NetSuite clients in the consumer products space, RSM has a proven track record of partnering with companies to deliver digital and omnichannel solutions that meet the unique challenges within their market. This includes extensive knowledge in a variety of retail sectors, from fashion and beauty to food and beverage.


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With 85 North American offices and practices in 16 countries, RSM has 300+ global NetSuite resources

NetSuite for consumer goods matches benefits to your business needs

Achieve total visibility and control over inventory, quality, contracts and more. NetSuite for consumer goods is built with businesses like yours in mind.

NetSuite for consumer goods helps you meet the challenges of selling direct to customers, wholesalers and distributors, including addressing each set of unique pricing, billing, back-office support and supply chain requirements.

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