Volunteer management at its best

Empower volunteers and free up staff with the volunteer management module from Microsoft


Volunteer management through the Microsoft Cloud for Nonprofit utilizes Microsoft technology to not only manage volunteers but also provide a robust communication platform governed by your organization.  

By combining the best of what Microsoft technology has to offer, including Dynamics 365, Teams and the Power platform, the volunteer management module of the Cloud for Nonprofit is a full-service platform for staff and volunteers alike. 


Cloud for Nonprofit provides:

Constituents with a list of opportunities to volunteer based on skills, interests and scheduling needs

Easy onboarding with stages to visually show both your workers and the volunteers where they are in the process

Mobility to manage your event in the field through a phone or tablet

An approval process to make sure the volunteer has the qualifications and/or has completed the prerequisites to participate in your event or function

A communication channel for your volunteers, which includes video conferencing, instant messaging and document storage, giving your volunteers the freedom to drive your event and mission forward without bogging down your office workers

Real-time reporting of volunteers, events activities and so much more

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