Simplify and consolidate your nonprofit's IT stack

Lessen management burdens, boost efficiency with the Microsoft 365 Productivity suite


Many nonprofits have taken a “make it work” approach over the last decade, creating highly complex architectures with limited ability to adopt innovative technologies. The existing back office tools create inefficiency and increased management burdens across operations. The Microsoft 365 Productivity suite offers organizations numerous opportunities to maximize technology investment and efficiencies. RSM can assist your organization with identifying opportunities for consolidating technology spend within the Microsoft 365 Productivity suite through the cost savings and vendor displacement framework.


Vendor license cost consolidation

Consolidate to a single platform versus buying standalone solutions for different capabilities.

IT administration and deployment savings

Manage IT more effectively across hardware and software, enabling IT to transition to higher-value activities.

Reduce total cost of risk

Reduce breaches to enhance privacy and remediation by improving security. Reduce risk through compliance.

Physical, travel and entertainment cost displacement

Reduce hard costs like real estate, utilities and T&E through secure remote work. 

Save on automation and process improvements 

Transform business processes and save using workflows, dashboards and artificial intelligence while increasing employee productivity.

Capex to Opex cash flow 

Optimize cash flow management by changing upfront license payments to operating expenses.

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