Next-level fundraising and development management

Boost donor engagement and staff productivity with Microsoft’s fundraising tool

Microsoft’s fundraising and engagement tool, a cornerstone of the Cloud for Nonprofit, is a full-featured tool for keeping track of your donors and members, nurturing and developing grant requests and proposals, and allocating those funds appropriately to ensure your goals are met. 

The donor profile within Fundraising and Engagement allows you to monitor a donor’s history of interactions with your organization, follow up on expressed interests to ensure engagement in relevant opportunities, route pertinent marketing materials and keep everyone in your organization on the same page.  

Out-of-the-box integration for multiple payment processors allows you to configure your credit card/bank processing and charge donors from within your system, schedule recurring payments, and integrate with your portal to allow for self-service donations.  

Once complete, these donations can be allocated to one or many designations. Integration with your ERP system allows for seamless tracking, enabling your fundraising and development managers to focus on their jobs.  

Fundraising and Engagement will:

  • Support the development of your donor and supporter bases. With a person-centered view of your constituents, your organization can personalize engagement. The goal is to increase donor loyalty and giving over time by understanding your donors’ priorities.
  • Drive efficiencies through your fundraising organization, which will ultimately reduce costs. This is done by automating repetitive processes.  
  • Create visibility into the overall fundraising outcomes through end-to-end reporting on donations, revenue and transactions.

Additional features of Fundraising and Engagement tie Dynamics 365 to LinkedIn Sales Navigator, allowing your development department to enhance the donor experience through the LinkedIn network.

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