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Acquirer of B2B software companies

Dedicated to the acquisition and enhancement of small B2B software companies throughout North America, the company is looking to secure financing for the acquisition of three software companies for their portfolio. The company is run by an experienced management team with decades of experience and successful exits within the software and technology space.

– Seeking C$5.5M Equity financing and/or alternative financing

Telecommunications technology company

Provider of patented technology solutions to the telecommunications and other industry sectors is seeking an acquirer. The company's primary products and services are proprietary manufactured, branded technology, private-labelled Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) products, and other services to the sector.

– Revenue (2018F): C$3.5M; EBITDA (2018F): C$1.5M

Pain management clinics

Ontario-based provider of multi-disciplinary treatment services for patients who suffer from chronic non-cancer-related pain. Current ownership is seeking a sale of the business and is available to assist during the transition period.

– Revenue (2019F): C$23.0M; EBITDA (2019F): C$4.5M

Professional athlete social media platform

Developer of a social media platform assisting professional athletes monetize and enhance their social presence. To date, the company has raised over US$15M and is seeking a strategic capital partner.

– Seeking US$20.0M Strategic capital

Mixed-use real estate refinancing

Property owner of multiple sites throughout the GTA and surrounding area seeking opportunity to refinance up to C$35M in debt (based on 60% LTV on appraised value). Properties include locations ideal for re-development for multi-residential or commercial use. A number of properties are already in the permitting and rezoning process.

– C$35.0M Refinancing

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