For family offices, RSM infrastructure special report colors outlook

Appetite for infrastructure improvements could signal various changes

Aug 15, 2021

After decades of watching America’s infrastructure decline, senior executives at middle market businesses agree that the state of the nation’s infrastructure is hampering economic growth, not only at the national and local levels but also within their own organizations. This striking shift in outlook, captured recently by the proprietary RSM US Middle Market Business Index survey, reflects a desire to fix the nation’s basic systems and mirrors a collection of potential policy changes that could affect family offices and wealthy families.

Government investments in infrastructure and any tax changes connected to them could shape investment outlooks for family offices and alter the tax profile of wealthy families. At the very least, the potent demand for infrastructure improvements, as quantified in the survey, amounts to fertile ground for change: 63% of executives told RSM that the nation’s ailing infrastructure restricted the growth of the national economy.

The commercial community has cried out for years for this to be addressed. We’re at a point where it can be addressed.
Joe Brusuelas, RSM’s chief economist

What specific improvements are in demand? What industries stand to benefit from any federal investments? Read the full report and learn more.