Coronavirus webcast series: May 11, 2020

Prevent audits due to CEWS, rethink tax tech. & boost productivity


Audits and tax disputes: Canada Emergency Wage Subsidy

(06:25) Hear Yoni Moussadji, senior manager at the Canada National Tax Office, discuss ways to protect yourself and your business from potential CRA audits and disputes in relation to the Canada Emergency Wage Subsidy. 

Tax technology and rethinking tax operations

(07:48) The COVID-19 disruption has caused businesses to rethink how they operate and prepare themselves for future events. Learn about the various strategies for using tax technology to help navigate this challenging time. 

Working remotely and productivity

(06:30) With COVID-19 we're all thrust into this new reality of working from home. It's unclear if this is a temporary normal or the 'new normal', either way it would be helpful to learn some tips and tricks to assist with productivity.