Board risk management

Helping your CISO tackle emerging cybersecurity challenges

Oct 16, 2021

Board members have embraced digital transformation to boost performance, improve the customer experience and increase competitiveness, but digital transformation itself makes organizations more vulnerable to new cybersecurity risks. In the past, technology systems were safely housed behind the walls and within the arms of the organization. Today, they extend far outside that reach and are exposed to constant threats.

When board risk management of cybersecurity is weak or even nonexistent, business objectives become more difficult to achieve. Brand reputation, capital and daily operations can be jeopardized by a cyberattack, and as is increasingly seen in the news, the enterprise itself can come to an abrupt halt.

Your board’s next move: Better support for cybersecurity leadership

In response, it’s time for board members and executives to change their thinking on cybersecurity. It can no longer be treated as simply a function within the enterprise; it is the enterprise. Modern enterprises are nothing without stable, protected systems and data.

In our latest eBook, learn about the four main challenges your CISO is facing and how the board can help bolster its cybersecurity program. Find out why:

  • Cybercriminals are getting more sophisticated
  • It’s so hard to keep good cybersecurity professionals
  • Business change makes keeping up with cybersecurity tougher
  • External influences are keeping your CISO up at night

Proactive board members and executives can help their CISOs address these existential threats. Learn how now.

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