Optimizing private equity portfolio operations with M&A360

RSM’s proven framework creates value across the investment life cycle

Oct 31, 2021
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Optimization planning is critical from the outset of every private equity-backed investment to minimize risks and maximize returns. At RSM, we support your strategic goals by applying proven methodologies, industry knowledge and complete deal capabilities using our M&A360 framework.  

During the optimization phase in the investment life cycle, we will work with you to accelerate and transform all areas of the business to maximize portfolio operations and financial performance. This collaborative endeavor often involves enhancing data and technology to improve functional processes, operational infrastructure, governance and risk controls, organizational structure, and programs aimed at cultivating talent and culture.  

Doing more with less

Our M&A360 framework integrates key drivers to create lasting value for the portfolio company. It starts by transforming the back office to increase functional effectiveness and efficiency, enable accelerated growth and expansion, and support business changes in a dynamic marketplace. RSM’s three-pronged approach focuses on: 

  • People – Empowering leaders and their teams to achieve more together
  • Process – Exposing redundancies and inefficiencies to streamline and innovate 
  • Technology – Balancing agility, speed, cost, and resiliency to modernize systems and operations  

Developing high-performing partners

M&A360 provides customized tools and practices to help portfolio company executives collaborate on ways to create value and change the financial and operational trajectory of the business. We can help develop your leaders into high-performing partners across key functional areas: 

  • Finance and accounting – Working with your finance leader to ensure holistic alignment around business strategy  
  • Operations – Helping the head of operations achieve efficiencies through smarter, faster, better methods  
  • Security and information – Arming the information security office with effective strategies to protect the enterprise  
  • Culture and experience – Assisting human resources in enhancing the employee and customer experience 
  • Technology and data – Guiding IT on how best to harness technology and data to achieve business goals 

Building momentum on your path forward

There are many benefits to gain from innovation and transformation at the portfolio level. The question for many middle market PE funds is where do you start? This is where RSM’s M&A360 framework can help. Let us put our experience and industry knowledge to work for you by helping execute strategic objectives for risk mitigation, revenue acceleration, and cost containment with the value-added goal of replicating these benefits across your portfolio’s operations. 

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