RSM Content Creator Summit


Learn to engage and monetize your audience, manage your income and navigate your growth within the esports industry.

RSM has teamed up with AMUKA to bring insights and address some of challenges that are currently being faced in the esports industry. AMUKA is a esports hub in cities across Canada with a mission to grow niche gaming communities and contributing to the overall growth of the tech ecosystem.

View the recording that included RSM Canada partner, Marlin Miller and RSM US partner, Victor Kao, as they discussed the importance of financial knowledge and tax implications for streamers and esports athletes.

The panel also featured James Marcus  from MKM Law, as well as several prominent streamers in the gaming world.

The event recording is divided into three main topics that were discussed by panelists during the event:

  1. How to Creatively Engage With Your Audience and Monetize Content
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  2. The Importance of Financial knowledge
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  3. Navigating your growth
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