How to get funding for the tax technology tools you need

Tell the story of why tax transformation is critical to success


This article first appeared in Tax Executive, The Professional Journal of Tax Executives Institute.

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Inspire your company’s investment in tax solutions by developing a story that emotionally resonates with your leadership team. Telling that story is not simply making a pitch; instead, pull back the curtain to show decision makers the problem and solution with a human touch.

This article covers the seven steps that can lead to successful funding:

  1. Identifying your tax department’s challenges
  2. Prioritizing the challenges that fall within your purview in the tax department based on several key factors
  3. Strengthening your case by suggesting tax processes or tools that address your challenges and ways to recruit supporters
  4. Scoring your problems and how to weight them based on corporate strategic goals
  5. Developing wireframes that visually demonstrate your suggested solution
  6. Building a business case, including a cost versus benefit analysis
  7. Presenting your business case in an easy-to-follow format

Good stories forge a strong connection with the audience and paint a clear picture of what could be if action is taken. The better the story you tell when requesting funding for a project or technology tool, the better the chances of approval.

Tax professionals work hard, and they deserve the best technology tools. However, in many cases, their storytelling abilities to request funding for projects or technology tools do not match their tax expertise—a major reason that the projects or tools they propose very frequently are not approved.

Download the article to learn how to put everything together to unlock your persuasive powers and clear your path to the project or technology you covet.

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