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Internationally active middle market businesses face a variety of trade and customs obligations. With many countries changing their import and export regulations, it can be challenging to manage activities in multiple jurisdictions, especially without technical expertise on staff. With limited in-house resources, businesses often rely on external freight carriers and customs brokers with minimal oversight, which can expose organisations to unnecessary risk.

That’s why it’s so important to develop a strategic plan to manage trade and customs globally. Such a plan can identify cash savings, reduce the time spent on import and export compliance, reduce the risk profile of supply chain processes, and support operational efficiencies.

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Let our trade advisory professionals help you navigate your trade and duties questions

RSM has identified four pillars to an effective global trade and customs strategy to reduce customs duties and other indirect taxes (e.g., value-added tax, sales and use tax), improve cross-border supply chain functions and processes, and manage import and export risks.

  1. Structural—Configure operations so that underlying activities and transactions are effectively managed for trade and customs purposes. This could include such areas as corporate structure and functional alignment, supply chain processes, contractual arrangements, and product flow management.
  2. Compliance—Develop robust policies, procedures and controls to review and file accurate import and export declarations to authorities. This often involves a significant amount of human intervention with deep technical knowledge across multiple jurisdictions, and efficient data management.
  3. Reduction, deferral and recovery—Fortify programs and processes for identifying and managing the reduction, deferral, exemption and recovery of customs duties.
  4. Automation—Properly configure and deploy dynamic systems that assist in managing trade and customs decisions and processes, and ensure that they are correctly used.

RSM’s professionals have direct experience leading global teams of professional consultants and corporate managers in the development and implementation of customs and international trade solutions. They are multilingual global business professionals with many years of international corporate leadership and consulting experience. They deeply appreciate the complexities and nuances of business in developed and emerging markets.

Our services

From addressing discrete tactical issues to directing complex cross-border strategic projects, RSM has the experience and resources to provide the guidance, support and leadership to succeed in an increasingly complex globalized economy.

We offer customized and practical solutions to address your unique global trade and customs risks and opportunities.

  • Merchandise valuation and classification
  • Origin and free-trade agreements
  • Customs duty recovery, including drawbacks, deferral and refunds
  • Import compliance and export controls
  • Operational policies, processes and procedures
  • Outsourced services