Government Grants Consulting Services

Each year, the federal and provincial governments of Canada provide grants and incentives exceeding $30 billion to individuals, not-for-profits and businesses. The number of new government initiatives created to facilitate business growth across all sectors and industries is increasing.

As grants are competitive and discretionary, it is important that each submission is written in a manner that increases the likelihood of success. Funds deplete quickly for popular programs making it crucial that grant applications are submitted early. Hundreds of programs are available to businesses, with benefits ranging from few thousands to millions of dollars.

Information on programs is not consolidated and each one has intricate eligibility criteria, terms and conditions, and filing requirements. Programs continuously change, expire and new ones are offered.

Lucrative programs exist, but accessing these programs is time consuming and not straightforward. RSM adds significant value by helping its clients navigate this complicated process.

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Our process

RSM grants experts carefully assess every clients’ expenditures and planned investments in order to optimize overall available funding. Our comprehensive approach and proven methodology is as follows:

Phase 1 – Scoping opportunities

  • Conduct a review and analysis of planned projects, investment and initiatives within the upcoming 6-24 months
  • Review capital expenditures plan as well as business plan
  • Conduct meticulous internal research mapping your organization’ projects, initiative and spending against our proprietary internal database of grant programs
  • Develop a funding plan that identifies key grant opportunities, and provide recommendations of key programs to pursue

Phase 2 – Implementation

  • Meet client to set priorities and agree on plan
  • Gather information to prepare the claim
  • Prepare all grant application(s)

Phase 3 – Compliance

  • Assist with government correspondence and interactions
  • Complete compliance reporting

Phase 4 – On-going support

  • Provide on-going support to identify if new company initiatives are eligible for grants funding


RSM deploys grants experts with years of experience on each engagement. RMS experts include business analysts, engineers, economists and previous government officials. Our expertise ensures that eligible grants are uncovered, but also all applications are written in a manner to improve the success rate.

End-to-end client support
We research and prepare the entire application, making it as seamless and effortless as possible for you and your employees. We take care of your SR&ED claim so you can focus on running your business.

Proprietary database of grants
Years of research has led to RSM’s comprehensive list of more than 500 available grants.

Socio-economic studies
For large grants, we leverage our unique, comprehensive socio-economic studies prepared by RSM economists. These studies provide valuable insight into the socio-economic benefits our client investments provide to the country, province and region, and is a significant contributor to our success in large grants and incentives applications.

International reach
Through seamless collaboration with RSM US, we offer local knowledge of grants and incentives and access to global resources. Our services extend to international businesses with a presence in Canada and vice versa, allowing our clients to work with only one firm that delivers across all their cross-border needs.

Areas of grants and incentives
The Canadian funding programs focus on six strategic objectives

  1. Business expansion
  2. Capital investments
  3. Human resources development
  4. Innovation and R&D
  5. Green technologies
  6. Food processing and agriculture

Business expansion

  • Product commercialization
  • Market research, business intelligence, and marketing strategy development
  • Expansion into new international markets

Capital investment

  • Facility purchase, construction,  expansion, or renovation
  • Plant, machinery and equipment purchases including software, installation, and commissioning
  • Enterprise software deployment (e.g. CRM, ERP)
  • Advanced manufacturing technology investments

Human resources

  • Hiring new staff
  • Skill development and training

Innovation development

  • Research and development into new products or processes
  • Collaboration between businesses, academia, and research institutions
  • Productivity improvements

Environmental technologies

  • Development of new green technologies
  • Capital spending in energy efficient equipment
  • Initiatives in clean water, soil and air

Food processing and agriculture

  • Development of new products or processes
  • Collaboration between businesses, academia, and research institutions
  • Productivity improvements
  • Capital investments
  • Marketing initiatives