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Optimize deal value using data analytics to uncover key profit drivers

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The private equity and corporate investor's thesis is shifting toward growth and away from a cost-cutting mindset. Effectively analyzing sources of growth, or profit leakage, is paramount.  However, buyers are at an information disadvantage which, coupled with accelerated exclusivity periods, increases the risk of missing key deal issues.

RSM’s deal analytics uncovers sources of growth or profit leakage before you buy or sell a company. Experienced industry professionals working with data scientists leverage advanced technology to extract actionable information from multiple, and often disparate, sources of big data. Through the application of advanced data analytics techniques, we synthesize the data to create interactive dashboards focused on your most relevant business and industry key performance indicators. This type of data-driven insight provides you the information you need to optimize the value of the deal, allowing your team to focus its attention on the more critical aspects of closing it.

Whether you are a buyer seeking to accurately gauge the risks of a potential transaction or a seller looking to best position your company, RSM’s deal analytics delivers the information you need to make solid, informed decisions to optimize value.

RSM’s deal analytics has three primary offerings:

Business performance assessment – This offering provides a comprehensive performance analysis of the company to understand trends related to revenue, costs and volume at the most granular level of data available. These data-driven insights are focused in four key areas, each with predefined reports:

  • Concentration analysis – Sales and profitability by product, customer and geographic markets, as well as customer type, product categories and other key metrics
  • Customer and product sustainability – Top existing, new, lost and variable customers; existing, new and lost products; top gainers and decliners in customers and products
  • Revenue and gross margin bridges – Price-volume and gross margin analysis by customer, product, sales channel, delivery channel and product category
  • Product and customer stratifications – Breakdowns of sales, gross margin and volume by various groupings based on metrics such as dollar size, percentage of revenue and tenure

Business and industry-focused analysis - Using big data and complex data sets, we structure our analysis to focus on the most relevant industry and business KPIs. The analysis is designed to allow our clients to zoom out to see the big picture or drill down to understand specific business nuances. This offering helps clients to see outliers or anomalies in their business as well as understand changes to the business over time, and between different business or reporting units.

Business intelligence and advanced visualization - To help our clients better leverage and compare multiple layers of data, we build interactive data visualization dashboards, utilizing complex databases, to create a clear one-stop-shop tool to support business decisions.

RSM understands mergers and acquisitions

RSM is a proven leader in transaction advisory services for private equity funds, as well as for strategic buyers and sellers. We understand where to look and what to look for to help buyers and sellers alike clarify both value and risk.

We also understand that any deal is a high-risk, high-pressure environment. Time matters. Our deep bench of national resources means we have professionals with the right industry experience ready where and when you need them. We can help with deals across Canada and the United States and, through RSM International, around the world. We deliver results quickly and accurately, getting you the information you need on deadline.