Program and Project Management Services

Accelerate your future with a customized program and project approach

During the normal course of business, middle market companies must undertake complex projects that require extensive oversight for successful completion. However, in many cases, organizations may not have the internal experience to manage these initiatives or the available resources. While external assistance is available through many avenues, it’s crucial for a third party to understand your culture, your industry and your desired outcome.

RSM Canada’s program and project management services offer a collaborative approach. We work to understand and take time to get to know your company, from capabilities to culture, so we can create a customized and scalable approach tailored to your business needs. We take ownership and collaborate with your internal teams to make sure we reach the finish line—i.e., your company’s business objective and strategy.

Our team leverages consistent methodologies, including standards, templates and deliverables, with continuous enhancement. The professional services automation (PSA) tools and services we use support your company’s needs in managing projects, from the very basic to the most complex. With the automation of templates, tools and processes, we accelerate and expedite our client work for increased efficiency. 

Program management

RSM can help your company achieve business results and meet critical deadlines by coordinating all initiatives related to the implementation of a business transformation program. Program management provides a framework so that projects within the program are completed with minimum complexity and uncertainty for project teams. Through clear communication about the framework and scope, those teams can remain focused on delivery.

Project management

Project management is the practice of initiating, planning, executing and controlling the work of a project team to achieve specific goals by a certain deadline using detailed success criteria. RSM can help your company navigate the primary challenge of meeting all the project goals within the given constraints such as budget, scope, schedule and quality.

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Project management office

For all types of programs and projects, a project management office (PMO) provides support for your project managers and executive sponsors as the required planning, measurement and reporting mechanisms are implemented and operated. Specific types of PMOs include:

  • Enterprise PMO: This permanent entity establishes the overall vision and responsibilities across PMOs in the organization.
  • Department PMO: This permanent entity is developed to manage ongoing projects and service requests within a department.
  • Program or project PMO: This temporary unit is put together to manage complex business or information technology objectives. This PMO can also be structured as an integration management office for mergers and acquisitions or as a transformation management office.

We are known for our delivery capabilities and accountability, where program and project leaders and their teams embrace the disciplined leadership, governance, management and performance needed to plan and produce your business objectives. We develop business strategies and execute transformational projects with measured business value, while integrating project teams across lines of business, departments and service lines.