Supply Chain Technology

Automate processes, monitor analytics and increase productivity 

Utilizing technology can result in next-level productivity and efficiency for your company’s supply chain. RSM Canada can help you navigate the ever-evolving digital world to find impactful solutions that can help your company automate manual processes and cut costs.

With pre- and post-implementation support, the experienced professionals at RSM Canada provide a full range of systems advisory services to help your organization enhance current solutions or select new ones, if necessary. Our advice and methodology are based on industry-specific experience and leading platforms to enable your specific needs.

Technology enablement and optimization services

  • ERP readiness and implementation support: Prior to undergoing an enterprise resource planning (ERP) implementation, our team evaluates current state business processes and executes improvements surrounding underlying process issues. Our support during implementation accelerates timelines, reduces risk around ERP and other major business application installations, and provides system-agnostic guidance to ensure you capture industry best practices.
  • Supply chain systems enhancement and optimization: Our consultants look for opportunities to leverage existing technology, and bring extensive experience in identifying new technologies to optimize your system portfolio with a focus on supply chain improvements by empowering people and enabling processes and technology.
  • Warehouse and transportation management systems: After reviewing your operation, we can provide the requirements to help you select a warehouse management system (WMS) and transportation management system (TMS) and we look at capabilities and evaluate risk to support vendor evaluation.
  • Supply chain process automation: Robotic process automation (RPA) can be used to automate supply chain procedures to streamline operations and decrease the chances of human error. 
  • Digital operations and Industry 4.0: With Industry 4.0 strategy and planning, we can help your company build strategies and implement solutions to navigate the Fourth Industrial Revolution—a digital transformation trending toward intelligent automation and seamless data exchange.
  • Shop floor analytics: Our experienced professionals will evaluate and recommend analytics solutions for operations to monitor process performance data to improve reliability and quality. We can find ways for your company to leverage the Internet of Things to collect information from machines and equipment.
  • Supplier and customer analytics: Our consultants develop robust analytic models to target true profitability across multiple dimensions for improved decision-making, cost reduction and revenue growth opportunities.
  • Collaborative supply chain: By taking advantage of opportunities across the supply chain, your company can utilize the increasing availability of data to further coordinate with partners and improve your efficiency and effectiveness.

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