Cost and Profitablility Improvement

Understand profitability and identify areas for improvement

At the heart of understanding your company’s cost and profitability is data-driven analysis of inventory, operations and sales. Using these analyses, our consultants will help identify short- and long-term strategies for profit and margin improvements with a focus on revenue growth and cost reduction.

Cost and profitability improvement services:

  • Performance improvement and cost management: Strategic and data-driven review of people, processes and technology across the organization allows our experienced professionals to pinpoint immediate actions your company can take to reduce costs, improve liquidity and capture savings to maximize profit and efficiency.
  • Costing and profitability: Understanding operational and product costs is vital to enabling effective decisions and accurately valuing inventory. RSM Canada can help refine your costing methodology and provide profitability insight at the product, product family, cost centre, sales channel and customer levels.
  • Working capital improvement: Our working capital methodology centres on improving your company’s asset efficiency and cash flow influencing processes to increase operating margin and reduce working capital requirements and cash conversion cycle time.
  • Business turnaround: To address cash flow shortages, our experienced professionals prioritize three objectives: immediate operations stabilization, short-term liquidity improvement and long-term structural investments that position the company for growth.

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